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Stainless Steel Large Travel Tin


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This stainless steel container is perfect for transporting soap!


I love it because:

  • It fits 2 full sized bars (100gm soap/shampoo bars) + another bar cut in half
  • It fits more than any plastic dish I’ve ever had
  • It’s not plastic!
  • It’s sturdy
  • The lid stays on securely via the side clips
  • It’s multi-purpose (Think snacks, lunch, or shampoo bars)
  • It will go in the fridge and freezer quite happily


Is it leak proof?

No. It’s not. However, if you ensure your soap, shampoo, and conditioner bars are relatively dry when you put them in here, you’ll be fine.


What size is it?

Length 15cm, Width 8cm, Height 5cm. I can stack two bars in here, so it’s quite roomy for soap/shampoo.


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