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  • body brush and soap set

    Body Brush and Soap Set

    The perfect zero waste gift


    Introducing the body brush and soap set from Totally Balmy. In this set you’ll get a Sisal Body Brush, and a Nourish Body Bar. Read more about these below.

    Sisal Body Brush


    Do you have dry skin? Bad circulation?

    Enter, the body brush. This is the perfect addition to your morning routine.

  • soap and bag

    Soap Bar & Soap Saver Bag

    Soap bars are back in fashion!


    How do you care for and nourish your skin? Do you know what’s in the body wash/soap you’re currently using? These days it seems there are unnecessary chemicals everywhere, especially in skincare. However, you can change that right now.


    What is a soap saver bag?


    This particular soap bag is very useful. Why?

    • Use it to keep a full bar of soap in. Simply place the bar in the bag, use it to wash your body, then hang it up to dry. It helps keep your soap from going mushy and allows it to dry out between uses (As long as you leave it for long enough that is).
    • Soap scraps now have somewhere to go! If you’re like me, then you try to stick little pieces of soap to the next bar. Well this is a problem no more. Simply place all of your soap scraps in this bag, wait until it’s full, then voila! A new bag of soap to wash with.
    • Exfoliation. This bag is perfect for helping rid your body of dry skin. Simply place your soap inside and use this bag to scrub your body. It’ll help eliminate dead skin and leave your skin feeling smooth.
    • Hang them anywhere there’s a tap! We have these in our bathrooms and laundry. Super handy to keep soap in.
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