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  • beer & honey shampoo

    Beer & Honey Shampoo (For fine or damaged hair)

    Beer & Honey Shampoo is here!


    Beer in shampoo? Absolutely!

    Why is it beneficial to put beer in your hair?

    It’s said that beer:

    1. Tightens cuticles of the hair shaft, adding body and lustre
    2. Improves the quality/condition of your hair
    3. Adds lather to the final bar
    4. The proteins in the beer can help repair damaged hair
    5. The B vitamins in the beer add shine to your hair

    And here you were thinking drinking beer was the best thing to do!

    What about the honey?

    It’s said that honey also adds shine and improves the lather of the final bar. Therefore, it would seem beer and honey go hand in hand in this recipe.

    What sort of hair is this shampoo good for?

    • All hair types
    • Damaged hair
    • Thin hair that could use a little extra volume/body
    • Fine hair