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    Probiotic Deodorant Stick

    What is in probiotic deodorant?

    This probiotic deodorant uses coconut oil, baking soda (Or diatomaceous earth for the baking soda free version), probiotics, and tapioca as active ingredients.

    We use so many chemicals on a daily basis. These can be found in makeup, sunscreen, perfume, moisturizers, cleansers, deodorant, and more. Perhaps it’s time to make a change to something a little more natural?


    What is so wrong with commercial deodorant?

    A common ingredient in deodorant is aluminium. The use of this harmful substance has been linked to breast cancer, and to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s.

    This deodorant contains no aluminium, artificial colours, or parabens.

    Your skin is your largest organ, and absorbs much of what we apply to it. Sweating is a natural process, and there are natural ways to help minimize it without the use of strong chemicals.

    Using a more natural deodorant means you’ll still sweat. Eeewwww I hear you say! It isn’t that bad I swear! The odour created when you sweat is actually caused by the bacteria in your sweat. Using deodorant like this one helps destroy the bacteria, and therefore, the odour. It does this without blocking your pores.


    Why should I be using probiotic deodorant?

    • It’s safer than commercial deodorant
    • No aluminium in this one!
    • Economical – lasts a long time
    • Easy to use, just roll it on
    • Lightly scented – no strong smell
    • Allows you to naturally perspire as it doesn’t block your pores
    • Eco-friendly tube – no plastic in sight
    • You know exactly what’s in it
    • This is an easy transition into less plastic in your bathroom