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  • earth's kitchen baby

    Earth’s Kitchen SPF50+ Sunscreen

    Earth’s Kitchen Sunscreen

    Incorporating powerful natural ingredients and recipes, Earth’s Kitchen is based on the concept of Botanical Intelligence. Modern day skincare can include a host of synthetic ingredients that are neither good for our bodies or our earth. Instead, we have created a new range of wild-crafted skincare products that hero the efficacy and potency of natural ingredients. Fusing indigenous ingredients and methods with the latest technology, we are proud to present a range of skincare that contains nothing synthetic or unnecessary, just naturally effective ingredients that deliver great results and feel great to use.


    Why I love this sunscreen!

    • Water resistant 2hrs
    • Reef safe
    • Dermatologist tested
    • SPF50+
    • Cruelty free
    • Recyclable packaging
    • Available in both ‘whole family’ and ‘sensitive skin & baby’ types


    The world’s 1st BioGro certified natural sunscreen SPF50

    That’s a big deal! Our sun protection is the world’s 1st BioGro certified natural sunscreen SPF50 and carries the Certified Natural label, authorised by Nature. This means you can feel comfortable knowing you’re purchasing a true, completely natural cosmetic product that meets global certification standards, not a greenwashed one.

  • natural sunscreen

    Jack N’ Jill Natural Sun Screen With Chamomile & Calendula 100g

    Why do I love this natural sunscreen?


    • Broad Spectrum SPF30
    • Suitable from 6 Months +
    • Non-Nano
    • Reef Friendly
    • 3 hours Water Resistant
    • Soothing Calendula & Chamomile
    • Cruelty Free
    • No Preservatives
    • Free From Parabens, Sulfates, Palm Oil, Preservatives, Synthetic Fragrances & Color


    (From the manufacturer’s website)

    What is a Non-Nano Sunscreen?

    At Jack N’ Jill we only produce products to the highest standards of safety for babies and kids…

    In a Natural Sunscreen there are only two possible ‘active’ ingredients to block the sun – Zinc Oxide or Titanium Oxide, both physical blockers of the light.

    Nano particles: If a Natural Sunscreen has a clear finish, it means the Zinc Oxide particles are so small they are absorbed into the skin.

    Non-Nano particles: If there is a white film left on the skin, this is the Zinc forming a natural barrier on top of the skin and not being absorbed into the skin, as the particles are too large.

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  • sport sunscreen

    Oasis Sun Dry-Feel Sport Sunscreen SPF40

    Want a water resistant sunscreen? This is the one.


    Here’s what they say about their product on the Oasis website:


    Oasis Sun SPF 40 Sport is a superior, water and sweat-resistant reef safe sunscreen.  The latest generation ingredients offer the most completely photo-stable sun protection available on the market today, with an extremely low allergy risk.

    We designed it using the harsh sunlight and UV conditions of New Zealand as a testing ground.  Then we took it to an independent laboratory to ensure it meets the latest sunscreen standards giving you full confidence that this product does what it says!

    So, Oasis Sun SPF 40 Sport does a tough job but we’ve kept the ingredients as gentle as possible and made sure it’s also kind to your skin.  In fact, we’ve formulated this sunscreen specifically for sensitive skin.


    Oasis Sun SPF 40 Sport:

    • Water and sweat resistant for up to 2 hours
    • Dry-touch feel
    • Suitable for sensitive skin with a low allergy risk
    • Free of fragrance, colouring, parabens, phthalates and sulphates
    • Vegan friendly
    • Completely photo-stable and no estrogenic activity
    • Broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection
    • Perfect 100ml travel size.  Approved for carry-on luggage
    • Reef safe
    • Tested in 2016 in Australia against AS/NZ Standard 2604:2012 and rated SPF 41 and water resistant for 2 hours  (full 10-subject study test)
    • Tested in 2016 in Australia against ISO 24442 and rated UVAPF 21 which equates to PA++++ (full 10-subject study test).  This is the highest UVA protection rating achievable. This product is currently undergoing re-testing as per our 2-yearly testing policy.
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  • Oasis kids zinc sunscreen stick

    Oasis Sun Kids Zinc Sunscreen Stick SPF30

    The perfect sunscreen for kids!


    Here’s what Oasis have to say about their kids zinc sunscreen stick:

    Our colourful, handy sunscreen stick is a 100% natural, zinc-based formulation that provides broad spectrum protection and is super easy to apply. In fact, it’s so easy a child could do it and that’s the point.


    Why you’ll love it:
    • 100% natural, zinc-based formulation
    • Broad spectrum protection
    • UVB protection SPF 30
    • UVA protection PA++
    • Water resistant for up to 40 minutes
    • Reef safe
    • Suitable for face and body
    • Suitable for sensitive skin
    • Suitable for the whole family
    • Very low allergy risk
    • Approved by the Eczema Association
    • Goes on white, dries clear
    • Super easy to apply
    • Bright and colourful so it’s easy to spot in the school bag
    • Free from fragrance, colouring, parabens, phthalates and sulphates
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  • Oasis sun family sunscreen

    Oasis Sun Original Healthy Family Sunscreen SPF30

    The perfect family sunscreen


    Our family has been using this for a few years. It’s easy to apply, and dries clear. But, please do note, this sunscreen is not water resistant (Others in this brand are. See the Kids Zinc Stick, and the Dry Feel Sport Sunscreen for water resistance).

    Here’s what Oasis say about this on their website:

    Oasis Sun SPF 30 is designed for the strong sunlight and severe UV conditions in New Zealand. It does a tough job. But this trusted, family favourite protects your skin in the gentlest possible way.

    It’s packed with natural ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamin E to help protect and moisturise. Oasis Sun SPF 30 is so gentle that it can be used on sensitive skin, applied to the face and body and used on babies and toddlers.

    • Suitable for face and body
    • Comes in either 50ml or 150ml tubes
    • Can be used on toddlers and children
    • Has a non-greasy feel
    • Provides invisible protection
    • Does not stain your clothes
    • Can be worn under makeup
    • Is suitable for vegans as it has no animal ingredients
    • Can be used during pregnancy
    • This sunscreen is not water resistant.
    • Tested in 2019 in Australia at SPF 35 against Australia New Zealand Standard 2604:2012 (full 10-subject test)
  • aloe vera gel

    Organic Aloe Vera & Cucumber Skin Healing Gel

    Skin soothing aloe vera & cucumber gel


    Here’s what Oasis have to say about this product:

    This versatile 100% natural product is packed full of powerful but gentle, natural ingredients to soothe troubled skin.  Organic aloe vera soothes and aids in healing, whilst cucumber extract offers instant cooling relief and chlorophyll helps to combat blemishes with its natural detox process.

    Organic Aloe Vera & Cucumber Skin Healing Gel makes a great after sun for those days when you’ve been caught out by the sun.  But you can also use it for insect bites, grazes, rashes, acne, minor burns and wounds, redness and itching.   The gentle ingredients mean it’s safe to use during pregnancy; on babies and children and for those with sensitive skin.  And there are no ‘nasties’ like parabens; fragrance; silicone or alcohol.  In fact, we are proud to say that this product is 100% natural.

    With powerful, gentle plant extracts this is the perfect ‘go to’ remedy in your bathroom cabinet.


    Organic Aloe Vera & Cucumber Soothing Gel:

    • Organic aloe vera assists in healing and soothing irritated skin
    • Cucumber extract offers instant cooling relief
    • Chlorophyll for blemish control
    • Perfect after treatment care for laser treatment and micro needling
    • Gentle, natural ingredients suitable for all ages and skin types
    • Easily absorbable and non-sticky
    • Alcohol-free
    • No parabens; fragrance or silicones. 100% natural formula!
    • Vegan friendly and cruelty free
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