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  • body brush and soap set

    Body Brush and Soap Set

    The perfect zero waste gift


    Introducing the body brush and soap set from Totally Balmy. In this set you’ll get a Sisal Body Brush, and a Nourish Body Bar. Read more about these below.

    Sisal Body Brush


    Do you have dry skin? Bad circulation?

    Enter, the body brush. This is the perfect addition to your morning routine.

  • soap and nail brush

    Gardening Soap Sets

    The ultimate gift for any gardener!


    What better to give to the gardener in your life; a garden soap set. There are two sets to choose from:

    1. Gardening soap + nail scrubbing brush
    2. Gardening soap + nail scrubbing brush + balm
    not rated $13.99$24.99
  • gift card

    Gift card – hand written

    Gift cards are here!

    Are you buying a gift for someone? Well things just got a little bit fancy…

    Include a gift card with your order

    Whether you’re asking us to send the gift to you, or to the recipient, you can now add a gift card in with your order.

    How does it work?

    • Choose your goodies from the website
    • Add a gift card to your cart
    • Choose either the ‘To someone totally fabulous’, or ‘Have a totally fabulous Christmas’ card
    • Leave a message on your order form and I will hand write this on the card for you
    not rated $3.00
  • hemp lip balm and body balm

    Hemp Lip Balm and Body Balm Set

    Perfect for sensitive skin

    This hemp lip balm and body balm set is ideal for those who are sensitive to essential oils, as it contains none!


    What’s so special about hemp?

    Hemp seed oil is said to do the following:

    • Possesses powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
    • Aids in the healing of skin conditions
    • Has a light consistency, and is said to be helpful for acne-prone skin
    • Helps to soothe and calm irritated skin
    • The fatty acid profile of hemp seed oil mimics that of our own skin, making it great for all skin types
    • Finally, it’s a great conversation starter! You won’t find hemp soap in the supermarket…
    not rated $20.99$26.99
  • tote bag and chocolate set

    Hemp Tote Bag & Chocolate Set

    Save the earth, it’s the only planet with chocolate!

    (That we know of….)


    Here is the ultimate chocolate lovers gift! A hemp tote bag and chocolate set. What more does one want?!


    Can I choose the tote bag design?

    Yes! I designed this set with chocolate lovers in mind. However, you can choose any of the following slogans:

    • My book club only reads wine labels
    • Totally giving a sh!t about our planet since 2013
    • Save the earth, it’s the only planet with chocolate
    not rated $23.99
  • lip balm and body balm set

    Lip Balm and Body Balm Set

    Lip Balm and Body Balm Set


    This fabulous wee set is the perfect gift for anyone and everyone!



    Tell me about the body balm


    The balm is extremely versatile. Although it was originally made for babies bottoms during nappy changes, my customers use it for all sorts of things including:

    • massage
    • makeup removal
    • relief from skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis
    • moisturising dry skin
    • conditioning hair ends
    • to help prevent and/or heal razor burn

    It contains no artificial colours, fragrances, perfumes, or parabens. This makes it perfect for all skin types (Unless you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients).


    What about the lip balm?


    Lip balm! But not as you know it. This natural lip balm comes in a cardboard tube which is home-compostable at the end of its life. No plastic in sight!

    These are the perfect size to stash in your bag.


    not rated $17.99
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  • shaving kit

    Shaving Kit

    The Shaving Kit is Back!


    Back by popular demand is Totally Balmy’s shaving kit.


    What’s in the kit?


    In this kit you’ll receive a bar of shaving soap and an old school shaving brush. The perfect gift for the man in your life.


    Purchased together, this kit is the ideal accompaniment to your old school razor. If you don’t yet have a stainless steel razor, you can find them here.

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  • soap and bag

    Soap Bar & Soap Saver Bag

    Soap bars are back in fashion!


    How do you care for and nourish your skin? Do you know what’s in the body wash/soap you’re currently using? These days it seems there are unnecessary chemicals everywhere, especially in skincare. However, you can change that right now.


    What is a soap saver bag?


    This particular soap bag is very useful. Why?

    • Use it to keep a full bar of soap in. Simply place the bar in the bag, use it to wash your body, then hang it up to dry. It helps keep your soap from going mushy and allows it to dry out between uses (As long as you leave it for long enough that is).
    • Soap scraps now have somewhere to go! If you’re like me, then you try to stick little pieces of soap to the next bar. Well this is a problem no more. Simply place all of your soap scraps in this bag, wait until it’s full, then voila! A new bag of soap to wash with.
    • Exfoliation. This bag is perfect for helping rid your body of dry skin. Simply place your soap inside and use this bag to scrub your body. It’ll help eliminate dead skin and leave your skin feeling smooth.
    • Hang them anywhere there’s a tap! We have these in our bathrooms and laundry. Super handy to keep soap in.
    not rated $11.99
  • body butter bar

    Stainless Steel Travel Container and Body Butter Bar Set

    The ultimate zero waste body nourishing gift!


    Do you want to nourish and moisturise your skin without the need for plastic tubes? I’ve got you covered! This travel container and body butter set is all you’ll need.


    Why do we love it?

    • Easy to transport
    • Any potential mess is contained
    • No plastic in sight
    • The perfect gift
    • Easy to use
    • Re-use this container over and over again
    • Good quality stainless steel container
    not rated $24.99
  • tooth tablets and toothbrush

    Toothpaste Tablets & Toothbrush Set

    Toothpaste Tablets and Toothbrush Set


    Get your hands on this fabulous zero waste teeth care set! This set contains a pack of 125 toothpaste tablets (DentTabs), and a bamboo toothbrush.


    Buy together and save


    By buying this set you’re saving $1


    not rated $19.99
  • wooden soap dish

    Wooden Soap Dish Set

    Locally made wooden soap dish and soap set


    This is the perfect gift, either for yourself, or for someone who loves zero waste goodies. This wooden soap dish set contains a locally crafted wooden soap dish, a bar of handmade soap (made by me, Mrs Balmy), and a mesh soap saver bag.


    Why we love this set

    • You’re supporting local businesses
    • Good quality wooden soap dish
    • Good quality natural soap
    • Handy mesh soap saver bag – stores all your odd bits of soap
    • Cheaper to buy all 3 together
    • The perfect zero waste gift
    not rated $19.99