Totally Balmy is a small natural skincare business run by myself, Sharon, a busy mother of two young children who also works part time. I make a range of natural skincare products suitable for the whole family including deodorant, castile soap, baby balm, solid shampoo bars, specialty soap bars, and more. This business was born out of my passion for living a healthy lifestyle, and avoiding nasty chemicals where possible.

At Totally Balmy our products have been tested on friends, family, and myself for the past few years. No animal testing here! We use ingredients you can pronounce, and even consume without too much harm. Our little girl (now 3) ate rather a lot of my balm for around 6 months, so apparently it’s delicious, though not recommended for human consumption! My clients have had success using the Sweet Sensation Balm to treat nappy rash, dermatitis, psoriasis, itchy skin, dry skin, cracked/chapped lips, and have even used them as massage balms, and to remove make-up. They have many uses!

People are becoming more aware of their consumption of single-use plastics. As such, we are moving Totally Balmy slowly towards plastic free packaging. We currently offer plastic-free shipping. A sign of the times for this business is that our most popular products are the solid shampoo bars, as well as the deodorant paste.

Thank you for visiting our site. Feel free to email me any questions you may have to info@totallybalmy.co.nz


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