Hemp Seed Oil – What Is It Good For?

Hemp Seed Oil

What is this magical oil we’ve been hearing about lately? Well, if you watch the Country Calendar episode a couple of months ago about this oil, then it probably piqued your interest as it did mine!

Hemp see oil is made from the seeds of the hemp plant. Marijuana? Nope, not quite the same thing. Hemp seed oil contains little to no THC, the stuff that makes you a little giggly…

What Is It Used For?

Hemp seed oil has so many uses. Here are just some of the things it can be used for:

  • Used internally – You can drink it, or take it in capsule form.
  • In dressings for your salad
  • As a topical treatment for different skin ailments

What Is It Good For? Why Should I Use/Take It?

There are many reasons I’ve fallen in love with hemp seed oil. It’s just such magic stuff, and here’s what people say about it:

  1. It contains an excellent ratio of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. These are essential fats (That your body doesn’t produce) useful for maintaining healthy cells, and aiding in nerve and brain function.
  2. Naturally anti-inflammatory – It’s said to help calm inflammation and irritation. This includes conditions linked to inflammation, like acne and psoriasis.
  3. Helps balance out oily skin – Did you know if you strip all the oil from your skin, your body makes more oil to replace that which was lost. This in turn can stimulate acne. Therefore, hemp oil works to replenish moisture, but without clogging pores. Thereby, helping reduce the acne that may be caused by excess oil production.
  4. The fats and lipids in hemp seed oil are similar to those found in skin. Therefore, it makes an effective moisturiser and skin barrier.

Does Totally Balmy Make Lotions & Potions With It?

In short, YES! Absolutely. Currently available on the website is Hemp Soap. However, watch this space as there are new things coming. Yep, they may look a little different, but it wouldn’t do if everything (or everyone for that matter) looked the same. You won’t have to wait long…

In Summary

Hemp seed oil is green (literally!), it smells a little like freshly mowed grass, and maybe tastes similar. However, you can accept all this because it’s so darn good for you.

If you want to know what I use it for; well, I’m still learning. However, at the moment I use it on my legs after shaving, as a moisturiser for my face and hands, to help heal dry cracked lips, to remove make-up, and I take capsules filled with the oil twice a day. Ok, that may be cheating, but it’s much easier to take this way.



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