Totally Balmy balm. What is it for exactly?

What is balm?
If you type this into Google, you get the following:

balm – bɑːm/
A fragrant cream or liquid used to heal or soothe the skin.

In terms of the two balms made by Totally Balmy; Chocalicious, and Sweet Sensation, that is fairly accurate. The balms are quite different from one another, and both have a multitude of uses. First of all, let me tell you what these balms are made of.

Sweet Sensation balm is made with a base of sweet almond oil. Said to be the best massage oil for infants, this oil is mild, absorbs quickly, and does a superb job at calming ‘angry’ skin. Add castor oil (anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, deeply moisturizing), beeswax (softens & soothes skin), and vitamin e (helps repair damaged cells). We just add in some essential oil of lavender, and sweet orange, and voila. A lovely drink for your skin, in a tub!

Chocalicious balm is comprised of coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and sesame oil. Coconut oil deeply cleanses and moisturizes, is anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, and it’s safe for babies and those with sensitive skin. Shea butter is ultra nourishing, offers some UV protection, reduces inflammation, and smells amazing! Cocoa butter offers deep hydration, is naturally healing, and is full of antioxidants. Oh, and it also smells divine. Finally, sesame oil penetrates deeply into the skin, is rich in vitamins B, D, & E, and helps to reduce scarring. This balm gets its name from the fact it smells naturally like chocolate!

Cocoa beans
So now that you know all that; you may be asking “Ok, so what do I use it for?”. I’m glad you asked.

The many uses explained

I originally made these two balms for use on my baby’s bottom. However, I later discovered that the Sweet Sensation Balm performs a fabulous job as a baby moisturizer as well. Moreover, in using these two balms interchangeably, our two littlies have never suffered bad nappy rash (albeit during bouts of teething, but the balms healed their skin super quick!).

That’s easy for me to say though. What do Totally Balmy clients use the balms for?
So far, people have used the balms for the following reasons:
– Nappy rash
– Make-up removal
– Relief from contact dermatitis
– As comfort to itchy and irritated skin
– Psoriasis relief (One client bought 4 tubs as she claimed it worked wonders)

Here are some words from the mouth of a happy customer:
“I used the Sweet Sensation balm on my legs. They get so itchy that I itch until they bleed. This stuff worked; I used it once and my legs haven’t been itchy in 24hours. It’s a miracle balm, and I’ll be back to buy more. Highly recommend everyone to try . I can’t thank Totally Balmy enough”.

To hear more about what our clients think, have a look at the testimonials here:

So there we have it. Almost 101 uses for balm here! Bed time for me, so I’m just about to rub some into my hands and feet…zzzz

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