“Thank you for a wonderful product! Your oil based balm (Sweet Sensation balm) has been used for so many things by our family! We have used it for our 9 month old as a nappy balm from birth and she has never had any problems at all with nappy rash, compared to other natural products we used with our now three year old which were good day to day, but didn’t stop nappy rash when teething or when she had a cold. We also use it on both girls for any dry skin, which it clears up beautifully, and used it on out youngest when she had extensive cradle cap. The best part for me however, is that I have incredibly sensitive skin and suffer from contact dermatitis which causes my skin to Itch, blister and crack painfully. Your product is the ONLY thing I have found that I can use during a ‘flare up’ that doesn’t cause more redness, pain and ‘burning’ – and believe me I had tried everything else!! So thank you Totally Balmy!”

“My favourite two products at the moment are the lavender bath salts and the sweet orange and lavender balm.

The balm has been amazing for our three month old bubba. We have two older children, so our baby has faced the elements more than we had hoped due to school/kindy runs. The windy Palmy weather has dried his skin a bit. The balm will restore him overnight. We also love it as his brothers get to massage it into him after a bath. This helps them connect and bond with him, and also encourages them to be loving and gentle. They love the smell too and it invariably leads to them massaging themselves!

The bath salts have been a godsend for me. Life with three boys is busy and I’m still recovering. The nights where I have had a bath have been so nourishing for me.

With both these products, it’s awesome knowing they are created by a mum who is passionate about natural products. Knowing they were made with love also filters through.

Sharon has hit the jackpot with these products – and we have hit the jackpot with Sharon!

Thanks for the nourishment, Totally Balmy.”