Shipping Costs

At Totally Balmy we understand that everybody is different. You may want cheaper shipping, or you may want to opt for plastic free shipping. You can choose what suits you better as there are two options; standard, and plastic free.

Shipping costs between $5 and $13. $5 covers standard delivery. Whereas $13 gets you plastic free shipping to a rural address. An exact breakdown of our shipping costs is as follows:

Delivery Times

As a mother of two who also works part time, delivery times vary a little. I work mostly in the evenings, and do most of the order processing at this time. Therefore, if your order (And payment) come through during working hours, your order will be processed that evening, and the courier ordered.

All orders are processed once payment has been received.

Our couriers are fairly efficient, but are also human. If the courier is called in the evening, they usually collect the next day. This excludes weekends. Therefore, if you order on a Friday, your parcel is likely to leave here on the following Monday.

If in doubt, please get in touch with me. I keep track of all tracking numbers.