How to get rid of head lice in children

Head lice. They come for us all…

Head lice do not discriminate. In fact, they appear to really like clean hair. Therefore, at one time or another they will find your child. So, how do you tackle them?

How to get rid of head lice

Head lice treatment can take a few forms; store bought shampoo, nit combs, electric combs, or go the natural route with a bar from Totally Balmy.

I would recommend a two-fold approach. Use the head lice bar at the first sign of an outbreak, and if they find their way into your house, things get serious!

Wash the hair with the head lice shampoo, leave it in for 3-5 minutes, then using a good quality nit comb, comb it through the hair. If you’re getting some resisitance you could rinse the hair, and try the next step.

Choose coconut oil or conditioner; add some tea-tree oil, and smother the hair (This helps to suffocate them). Be generous in your application. Comb through the hair, ensuring you rinse the comb as you go in HOT water.

Repeat every 2 days until you no longer see any lice or nits.

They keep coming back!

The conundrum we face is that the eggs hatch at different stages of the life cycle. This means it’s not a one-time treatment you’re dealing with. The good news is that they can’t live for more than one day off the human head. Therefore, copious amounts of bed linen washing is not necessary. Phew!

This head lice shampoo is pretty nifty. It’ll last for about 35 washes (If you store it properly). You can use it as soon as you know an outbreak has hit your daycare/school. It’ll act as a preventative measure because the little blighters dislike the smell of neem. Granted, it’s not the best smell in the world, but I’m sure you can live with it if it proves to be useful right?

Neem oil is pretty magic stuff

What is neem oil you ask? Dr Axe describes is quite well: “Neem oil is a naturally occurring pesticide found in seeds from the neem tree. It is yellow to brown, has a bitter taste, and a garlic/sulfur smell. While it doesn’t sound very attractive, neem oil can be very beneficial by providing an all-natural pesticide that controls both pests and diseases”.

The insecticidal ingredient in neem oil disrupts the reproduction and growth of head lice. It also helps to starve them to death by restricting their swallowing ability. Another really positive aspect of using neem oil to fight these parasites is that head lice hate the pungent smell of it. Therefore, it helps to keep them away once you’ve got rid of them, or even prevent them from jumping on your child’s head in the first place.

Furthermore, neem oil is great for your skin. It’s very soothing, and as such will help relieve irritation and itching caused by the little critters. You may even notice your hair is shinier and softer after using neem oil shampoo.

Where do I find natural head lice shampoo?Head lice shampoo

At Totally Balmy, we have created a natural head lice shampoo bar to help treat this problem. It contains neem oil, and essential oils said to help stun and/or kill head lice.

There are two formulations to choose from. Both head lice shampoo bars work as a preventitive as well as a remedy. Therefore, you can use them regularly to help keep the little critters away.

It does have a very distinctive smell. Some like it, others, not so much. I don’t mind it actually. It’s especially comforting to know that this bar of goodness is helping to keep nasty wee critters away.

Is there anything else I can do to prevent them?

Yes! At Totally Balmy we also make a Head Lice Spray. This works wonders if you have children who really aren’t fans of having their hair washed (I speak from experience here!).

The added bonus is that this acts a bit like a conditioning spray as well, due to the addition of argan oil in the spray.

To use: Give the bottle a good shake, then spray 3-4 times around the head. Brush or comb through, and leave in. No rinsing required.

This may not smell quite as nice as our Conditioning Spray. However, it’s non-invasive, and you don’t have to wash their hair for this one.

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