How To Make Your Soap Bars Last Longer

My soap always disintegrates. It’s so frustrating!

Have you ever uttered these words? Then this blog is for you!

I’ll teach you some easy ways to make your soap bars last longer. No more gooey messes for you.

So why does my soap always go mushy?

There are a few main reasons why this could be happening. Here are some that I’ve found:

  1. The soap is too soft – When soap is first made, it’s soft. It needs to be left for at least a month before first use. Over time it becomes harder the longer you leave it. Castile soap can last for years, and the longer you leave it before using it, the better. The harder your bar, the longer it will last. This is a double edged sword though because essential oils slowly evaporate over time. Therefore, you end up with a bar that lasts longer, but has less scent. If that doesn’t bother you, then try buying a stash of bars and leaving them to harden for a while.
  2. The bar is too wet – Soap bars perform best and last longest when they have a chance to fully dry. This is where a decent soap dish is your friend.
  3. The soap is sitting in water constantly – This is the quickest way to watch your soap disappear! Think about the little soap rack in the shower. Often there’s nowhere for the water to drain away. Total soap disaster!

Right, so now I know all that, how do I make my soap last longer?

  1. Buy a stash of soap bars. Choose one to use now, and store the rest in a dry (not humid) cupboard, preferably so the air can circulate around the soap bars.
  2. Invest in some decent soap dishes. This will enable you to store your soap in a way that allows it to drain freely. Keep one by each sink where you wash your hands.
  3. If you’re like me, and love having a variety of bars to choose from at any one time, you’ll need a wire rack for your shower/bath. We have one that hangs over the shower cubicle, and can hold about 10 bars quite happily. We never have an issue with soap going mushy! You can find these racks at places like Kmart or Briscoes. They’re worth their weight in gold.
  4. Get yourself a soap saver bag! This is the best way to stash all those teeny tiny bits of soap you have left over. All you need to do is build up a collection of soap/shampoo bar off-cuts, and once the bag is full you’re good to go. You can then use the bag of off-cuts to wash your hands and/or body. No waste! How cool is that?!
  5. Make yourself some liquid soap. It’s really easy to do. All you need is a bar of soap, a grater, a pot, and some filtered water. Essentially, you grate the bar, add water, melt it, let it cool, then pour into a bottle. You can also use soap scraps you’ve kept, and turn these into liquid soap. Genius!

Soap bars – They’re brilliant

So there we have it. It’s a new year. Now you’ve learnt something new (I hope!) about why it’s cool to use a good old bar of soap.

And even more good news is that here at Totally Balmy, we don’t add any nasty ingredients to our soap and shampoo bars. You can pronounce all the ingredients, and even eat most of them! Ok, perhaps they wouldn’t taste that delicious, but they all smell pretty good. That’s gotta count for something?!

Why not invest in a few basic things (Soap bag, dish, wire rack, soap dispenser), and help eliminate loads of plastic from your bathroom. It couldn’t be easier.

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