Ingredients. What is in your skincare? And why should you care?

Preservatives, additives, colours, fragrance, SLS, parabens, and lots of words you can’t pronounce. These are some of the many ingredients you’ll find in skincare products.

Do you know what you’re putting on, and effectively IN your body? Do you read labels?

Your skin is your largest organ, and lets in whatever you apply to it. Therefore, I’m very careful with the products I choose to use. My basic rule of thumb is that I look for products that have very few ingredients, and with contents that I can pronounce. Locally made is even better!

We think so much about what we eat, so why not give the same thought to what we use on our skin? As an example, our little girl used to love diving her hand into the tub of balm we used to massage her and put on her bottom. She then ate it. She ate a fair amount of it over about a 9 month period! So, unless you can watch your kids 24/7 isn’t it better to use something that has an ingredient list you are happy with? The balm our wee girl ate was one that I make, so I knew the ingredients were not going to cause her harm.

The picture here depicts my basic skincare routine. I cleanse my face with either the natural sponge, or one of Totally Balmy’s soap or exfoliating bars. I then use argan oil as a moisturiser. Yep, just plain old argan oil.

As for my body, I use a larger version of the sponge, and pair that with of the many soap scents we have in our shower! Pictured here is Totally Minty and Black Raspberry, two of my favourites.

As for my hair care, I LOVE the neem shampoo bars here at Totally Balmy. In the neem oil range we have the Anti-dandruff, Headlice & Nit, and Dog Shampoo bars. Lately I’ve been using the dog shampoo. Mad right?! No, it’s safe for humans I promise. I’ve formulated the bars with essential oils safe for use on dogs. I just happen to love the smell, and the effect it has on my scalp. Worth a try right?

That’s about it really. If I could give you one piece of advice, I’d suggest just starting. Choose one thing to change, then it’s not so daunting. Soap is easy to transport if you’re going away. So if you travel a lot, maybe this would be a good option for you. Soap also comes with very little packaging, so less landfill. Double bonus!

Just be kind to yourself. Think about what you’re putting on your skin. You’re totally worth it xxx



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