Healthy eating. What does it look like?

Healthy eating. What does that even mean? It means something different to everybody. If you’d like to know what it means to me, then read on MacDuff, and I’ll explain what our family does.

Around 8 years ago I was working in Wellington. One of my colleagues was becoming leaner, fitter, healthier, and happier right before my eyes. When I asked him what he was doing, he gave me the name of a natural health practitioner. Naturally I Googled him, made an appointment, and started my own journey. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. (P.S. His name is Gary Moller, and he’s pretty freaken awesome. And no, he’s not paying me for this endorsement πŸ˜‰ ).

Back at the beginning…

So, at the point I started this journey, my diet was terrible. Breakfast was peanut butter on toast, hot Ribena, and a glass of OJ. Let me rephrase that. Sugar. I ate sugar for breakfast. I wasn’t into herbal tea, couldn’t have told you what sauerkraut was, and if I’d known anyone that resembled the person I am now, I’d have thought them to be a weird hippy!

So what does our diet look like now?

sourdoughgarden haulpotato salad

We grow functional plants and trees that provide us with a beautiful bounty of fruit and vegetables. To name but a few, we have apples (5 types), plums, mandarins, lemons, limes, lemonades, beetroot, rocket, mizuna, rhubarb, parsley, thyme, sage, mint, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, feijoas, snow peas, and lots more. We also have 5 chickens who provide us with plenty of eggs to keep us going.

We make our own sourdough bread (with a bug that’s been going for over 4 years), fermented vegetables, water kefir (fermented drink), and most of our meals are made from scratch. I say ‘we’, and I mean it. My wonderful husband makes the bread and kefir. He still calls me a weird hippy, or nutrition Nazi, yet he knows we’re better off this way.


These photos show freshly made sourdough bread, the bounty I picked from our garden this morning, potato salad with home made mayonnaise, sauerkraut, and finally my lunch. I got a bit fancy and made myself a parfait with our muesli, coconut yoghurt, and strawberries.

Now my breakfast most days is a soft boiled egg, plus a fruit and vege smoothie. I love bread, but when I do eat it, it’s usually our sourdough that I’m eating. I eat loads of avocados, eggs, nuts, and seeds. Clearly I don’t buy into the food pyramid! I drink water, herbal tea, and kefir. But I also drink coffee. Yup, but not ‘real’ coffee. I make mochaccino’s with oat milk, and I know that’s not “real” coffee for those that are coffee connoisseurs. And I love chocolate, but we eat mostly dark chocolate, so it’s still healthy…sort of?!

Plan, plan, plan…

Now, for someone like myself, who works part time, runs her own business, and is at home with two littlies, it’s easier for me to make so much food from scratch. I can see why people who work full time eat more processed food. It’s quick, easy, and readily available. Preparing your own food takes a lot of planning and preparation. I’m currently writing up an electronic meal plan of sorts.Β It’s an electronic list of recipes from my cookbooks which I can then use to plan a weeks’ worth of meals. It’s taking me hours and hours to do. However, nutrition is a priority for me, so it will be done.

I am by no means perfect. The problem is that when you KNOW what you need to eat, yet you don’t do it, that comes with feelings of guilt, and you spend needless energy beating yourself up about it. What I’m learning is that it’s what you do the majority of the time that counts. We’re all human. Furthermore, we have two toddlers who are fussy eaters. Go figure! So, I’m currently trying to encourage them to become more adventurous eaters.

The bottom line for me is, good food is important to me. A healthy way of life is a priority for our family. We’re learning all the time, and I love the journey that we’re on. My health is much better for it, and I’m always happy to share what I’ve learnt, and recipes that I love to make. Let’s all make our health a priority.




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