Wash, exfoliate, clean…what’s your routine?


Have you ever thought about your daily cleaning/beauty regime? How do you clean your skin? Do you know what’s in the products you use? Do you really need to use all of those fancy lotions and potions? Let’s examine my routine for a moment. And this is only what I do; not necessarily what you should do. I’d just like to give you an example of what another fellow human does each day to cleanse themselves…

So what do I do each day to clean myself?

Excellent question. And to be honest, I keep it very simple. I used to use a myriad of lotions and potions on my face and body. However, as I’ve grown older and wiser, I’ve learnt that sometimes simple is best. So, here’s what I do (And at no point in this post will you hear me say that I am perfect, or even that I’m correct!):

Face – I clean my face in the shower every morning with soap. Castile-coconut soap. It’s gentle because it contains only olive oil, coconut oil, and lye. Once out of the shower, I moisturize my face with argan oil. And sometimes, maybe about once a week, I do a face mask with clay OR I use my acne face soap, and leave that on for a few minutes to work its magic. If my hormones are having a rough day, they can give me random patches of dry skin. To sort this out, I use some of my balm on my face.

Body – I use a Norwex cloth (Not intended as advertising for them. I just like their products, and they don’t grow mould or other nasties like the shower puffs I was using until very recently) to which I apply soap; the same as the soap I use on my face. I just pick a colour or scent that appeals to me on that particular day, and wash away. Sometimes I’ll use a body scrub that I make with sugar and oil. It leaves your skin feeling super soft. It’s rare that I moisturize my body, mainly due to laziness to be honest. However, if I do decide my skin needs a drink, I use some Sweet Sensation Balm or Chocalicious Balm; whichever is handy at the time. Both are very rich, so you don’t need much.


Hair – For this, I use a soap or shampoo bar which I rub all over my scalp to get a nice lather going. This is closely followed by a rinse of apple cider vinegar. I love the way it calms my itchy scalp and leaves my hair super soft. And no, you don’t stink of vinegar! You can certainly smell it when you’re using it. However, that washes away, and the positives outweigh the negatives.

Hands – At this stage, this won’t surprise you! I make my castile coconut soap into liquid soap, and it makes it go a long way. The kids love choosing which colour soap they want! Occasionally I’ll use a scrub for my hands, and it’s often the same one I use to clean the bathroom. It’s simply liquid castile soap mixed with baking soda, so it gently exfoliates without being too harsh. It works well getting paint off your hands actually.

What about make-up removal you ask?

I’m glad you asked, because it’s super simple, and you have a few options. I don’t always follow the same routine, but I always do one of the following: 1. Clean my face with a Norwex cloth 2. Put some Sweet Sensation Balm on a make-up removal pad, and wipe over my face 3. Wash my face as normal with soap.

And what about perfume?

Yes, well, this is currently a work-in-progress. None of the perfume I own is even remotely natural! However, I’m planning to use up my current supply, then make my own solid perfume. Although perfume and cologne make you smell divine, they’re loaded with chemical nasties. And our littlies like to copy me, so I’m keen to do something about this asap. Watch this space!

Have I made you think?

Perhaps your daily beauty and cleansing routine isn’t something you’ve given much thought to lately, or ever. However, maybe I’ve planted a seed to get you thinking. Do you really need all those anti-aging ingredients? Would you consider simplifying your routine? You can even help save the planet a little. Using bars of soap means you’re creating much less waste, and putting fewer chemicals into the water supply. Just a thought.

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