Make the change….

And your whole body will love you for it. Change is hard. I get it. But, you’re worth it. And you can start with just one small step. That’s how all the best things start. Start what? Your road to a healthier you.


By changing one part of your daily routine. Deodorant. Easy peasy. If you turn over your deodorant, read the ingredients list, and tell me if you know what all of the contents are. Can you? Perhaps you’re ahead of the game, and you’ve got yourself a great natural deodorant. It should have ingredients that are easy to understand. How about coconut oil, bicarbonate soda (baking soda), arrowroot powder, cocoa butter, mango butter, essential oils…any of these listed there? If not, you should be cautious.

Why should I care?

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It comprises around 3.6kgs, and it absorbs a large percentage of what you apply to it. Think about that for a moment. Think about what you apply to your skin daily.
How about a little more information on the matter. Try reading this

But I don’t want to be smelly!

Perspiration, sweating, B.O. It’s a natural process. You’re supposed to sweat. And there are two products you can turn to in order to address this issue; antiperspirant, or deodorant. The first is designed to stop you sweating. Deodorant however, is designed to allow perspiration, but block odour. This is the more natural alternative. The active ingredient in most antiperspirants is aluminium. This is a known neuro-toxin, and generally bad news. Aluminium has been associated with alzheimers, and breast cancer, to name just two. So, it makes sense to avoid this, and choose something more natural right?

So, what do I do now?

Find a new deodorant. One with non-scary ingredients. Try it. But here’s the thing. Your body will need to detox from all the chemicals it was previously receiving. You need to give it a good 3-4 weeks for your body to adjust, and in this time you may feel a little stinkier than normal. Don’t give up! This is just an adjustment period. Stick with it. Literally. Here is my version of a more natural deodorant. At the end of the day, what have you got to lose? Nothing. Yet, everything to gain.


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